Adam Hotový

Regional Sales Manager for CEE region, Virgin Pulse

Adam Hotový has several years of experience with HR consulting, Employer Branding, Digitalisation and Health & Wellbeing. Adam is currently working at Virgin Pulse as a Regional Sales Manager for CEE region. Adam believes in true win-win: healthy and happy employees driving outstanding performance. He is passionate about changing lives for good and helping his clients to build and sustain healthy, happy and productive employees’ experience. Due to all of these experiences he has helped to implement the world’s largest and most successful health and engagement initiative for employees into tents of global and local companies. Adam is looking forward to meeting you and helping you and your employees to change lives for good.

Contact Info:


Phone: +41 79 932 10 48



PRELEKCJA: Do you want to increase the health of your employees? Then STOP talking about the health of your employees!
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